A downloadable art program prototype for Windows

Created in GameMaker Studio 2.


Arrow keys to move cursor

R to restart

Z to create a stitch over cursor of current color

Q and E to swap through colors of yarn.

There's no undo function, and stitches will not place over each other.

If you make a mistake, apologies, but you'll have to restart. No frogging  support here!


During SGDQ I made some needlepoints. By making an 18 by 18 square cutout of a plastic needlepointing mesh, and then finding sprite sheets of Mario 3, I went and made little charms using size 4 medium yarn, shown in the screenshot section. I also made a very very early draft of a game/art program about needlepointing, but by the end of the jam, was only in an "at least playable" state.

Lots of stuff apart from GDQ happened that week, including a friend showing up who had been on the other side of the planet for the last year or so, a laptop full system update, and a mild scare as a result of it that made me waste another day doing a full virus scan as a precaution.

The plan was (is?) to turn this into a sort of autobiographical game, where you actually need to work around common needlepointing issues, like the yarn knotting, threading the needle, starting and ending a thread properly, etc. Hope you enjoy at least lookin' at those real world ones I made!

Install instructions

Windows only, made in Gamemaker Studio 2. Unzip the file into the destination of your choice, and run the exe. Make sure the data.win is located in the same folder!


Needlepoint Sim.zip 1 MB

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